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Meet Julie Koopmann, Elephant Sculptures

Julie Koopmann’s art world began after facing her own mortality in 2013, she decided it was time to make some changes and seek a deeper meaning for her existence. Julie left her managerial position, sold her expensive car and proactively let go of a variety of things which promised, but did not deliver, true happiness

The result of her decision can be seen on here website and her elephant sculptures can be seen here at Studio Seven Arts, each one unique with its own personality.

The artist, long dormant in her awoke with a new creative energy and multiple sources of inspiration, she began sculpting forms and figures with uninterrupted single strings of wire. As Julie began twisting and turning unique characters evolved, each with their own identifiable personalities and style. Her heroes. some super, some emotional and some lost were within these sculptures. She designed wardrobes by a creative application of dried acrylic paint and each was complete.

Julie’s initial contact with clay did not feel new or foreign to her, but rather old and familiar, like a long lost friend. Magically she sculpted two busts of father figures she had loved who had passed away. Both of these pieces are in homes now of loved ones, who tell her they help fill a void and inspire fond memorizes.

Julie loves working with clay because in it’s wet state it is malleable: but after the firing it is rock solid and long living.

Julie has a enormous heart for elephants. Their majestic presence is unforgettable. Although their skin looks rough and tough, it is sensitive and easily permeated by poacher’s arrows, those that are hungry for their long white ivory tusks. They along with Rhino’s are in the same category, endangered in many parts of the world, some breeds are close to extinction. Julie’s passion for sculpting them is to bring awareness to their plight. If you want to see some amazing orphaned baby elephants Julie recommends the work that is being done at better yet she said adopt one for a year and watch it grow!

Julie believes that Art encapsulates time between the artist and the enthusiast, it is that mysterious connection that captivates and motivates her as an artist.

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