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Meet Studio Seven Arts Owner Dirk Christiansen

Dirk Christensen, the owner of Studio Seven Arts will be speaking at the Pleasanton Art League meeting, Monday may 13th at 7:30 pm, at 4455 Black Avenue in Pleasanton California.

Dirk will be talking about the ever changing art business, its relationship with the artists and the ever evolving downtown. Come meet him and bring your questions about the art business and talk with him about the submission process of having your work accepted into a gallery.

Dirk purchased Studio Seven Arts in 2010 and his focus has been on making local artists and their art accessible to our customers. Dirk along with a knowledgeable staff hand pick all the work that is displayed in the gallery. Listening to our customers wants and needs is one of the ways that help us to decide what we choose to bring into the gallery.

Studio Seven Arts specializes in handmade items, such as hand blown glass from Glass Eye Studio or the unique pieces of hand etched glass from Mary Melinda Wellsandt, these items are special. Our painters create locals scenes that depict where we live, like Debbie Wardrope and Amy Leung who both have painted our downtown Pleasanton street. Our artists are very talented and their creative ability shows in every piece we display with pride here at Studio Seven Arts.