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Meet Thomas Cory

Thom’s primary focus for the past 20 years has been painting butterflies, but Thom aslo delights in creating landscapes, water-scapes and now recently birds. Thom’s focus has been painting birds with a close up like portrait view, where you are face to face with the bird. Thom also uses trees, branches and objects in his compositions to highlight the habitat of the bird.

Nature is a great inspiration for Thom, its fascinating changes that come with each season communicates with him and he finds a precious treasure every time he takes a walk in nature. There is a grace and blessing that abound in nature, where beauty, mystery and healing are capable of transforming the soul beyond imagination or reason. There are so many wonders that surround us and that is why nature is such a ever changing inspiration for Thom.

Thom’s medium is acrylic and he likes the way it handles, the way it feels and reveals. This medium is ever changing too and each piece reveals something new. Thomas has also taught art for 35 years including art schools, colleges and high schools. Thomas retired from teaching in 2005 and has been a ordained minister for 30 years.

We feature Thomas Cory’s work at Studio Seven Arts, our focus is his birds, but Thom also does landscapes and portraits, ask one of our associates if you don’t see what your looking for and we can ask Thomas what he has in his studio that might be what your looking for.

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