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Meet Urban Pop Artist Rasterstache

(R$TR // n. /ˈras·tər·stash/

Whether working in canvas or sculpture, Rasterstache playfully tiptoes the line between parody and reverence, iconoclasm and idolatry, he is inspired by beloved pop culture and urban contemporary and then he intermingles them with technological advancements that explodes with jocundity. 

a brief introduction: 

Rasterstache, is a young artist emerging from the street to the gallery. Inspired by eclectic robots in a modern abstract influence, and dripping a pop aesthetic celebrating luxury lifestyles. Rasterstache’s art aims to be simultaneously retro and contemporary, while manifesting a rich palette of mixed nostalgia that cuts across identities and generations.

Known for paintings, street art, sculptures, and murals, and the creation of many delightful characters that elevate the street into the gallery. Agility as an artist along with social relevance and influence keep Rasterstache’s artwork dynamic and inspiring.

Rasterstache’s work can be found in an ever-growing coterie of public and private art collections both in the United States and abroad. Artwork has been showcased in numerous galleries in America, along with participation in shows in Canada, Mexico and France. 

"I paint what appeals to me." - Rasterstache 

Studio Seven Arts

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