custom Framing Services

Custom art framing is a craft of its own — an essential element for a truly finished look. With more than 100 years of experience, our award winning framers always take an innovative approach in assisting our clients with an extensive selection of more than 3,000 frame samples, thousands of fabrics, fillets, and specialty cut mats.

All framing is customized by professionals

All framing is customized by professionals

customized for your needs

Throughout the designing process, our trained specialists will ask important questions; such as where you plan to hang the piece, what wood and cloth materials are used in the surrounding decor, the color of the room, what is the style of your home and office, and is there a statement you wish to make in your selection. With this information, they will help you select the best designs that are available in numerous textures, profiles, finishes, and glass. essentially any custom framing possible at Studio Seven Arts, including over-size art, shadowboxes, needlepoint, mirrors, photographs and documents.

All our framing designs use museum quality acid-free archival mat, fabric and ultra-violet protective glass to guard against sun damage and rogue sneezes with the distinction of immortalizing and preserving your art, photos,  and treasured memories.


Prices will vary depending on the materials selected. Frames cost will range from $16 – $200 per foot and can be outfitted with a variety of glass options. For example a 7″x5″ double-mat clear-glass mounting can safely protect priceless photos for around $120 and an 8″x10″ conservation-glass frame can protect priceless diplomas from UV rays at about $210.

Art conservation

We offer a full range of conservation and restoration services for paintings, photographs, artifacts and treasured keepsakes. We have restoration frame services for antique, gilded or metal leafed frames by recasting missing elements, applying leafing and creating a final patina.

Custom mirror framing

A mirror, custom sized and designed with one of our handcrafted frames will transform a dressing mirror, a mantel, a simple hallway, a bathroom or an entire room with our vast selection of custom wall mirrors, floor mirrors and decorative mirror accents. Think of almost any shape, and imagine it as a beautiful mirror on your wall. With the help of Studio Seven Arts, that mirror or vision can be made. Whatever your style, you’ll find it all right here.

Choose from more than 3,000 frame styles

Choose from more than 3,000 frame styles

We are located in the heart of downtown Pleasanton

We are located in the heart of downtown Pleasanton


Studio Seven Arts quells any anxiety with our guarantee that it will make right any work that does not meet your expectations and stand behind it with our 100%, one-year workmanship and materials guarantee.


All of our oversize framing comes with free pick-up, delivery and installation services for the entire San Francisco Bay Area from our location in Pleasanton, California. If you have an issue getting or picking up your art, please give us a call.

Let us help you to create a timeless piece with your treasured art, memories and heirlooms. As always we strive to make it a fun and perhaps a learning experience.