Susan Hoehn "Winery In The Fall"

New original oil from Susan Hoehn, "Winery In The Fall" size 24x30

New Open Frame Clock By Gary Johnson

This amazing clock is made from claro walnut, bubinga, yellow heart and quilted maple. All the pieces have been hand cut, including the gears, this piece is pendulum and weight driven, so no need for batteries or electricity for this piece to keep perfect time.

Charity Anderson

Two new plein air oils from Charity Anderson,  East Bay Daybreak and Fleeting Light.

The Frogman, Tim Cotterill

Two new bronze sculptures have arrived from The Frogman, Tim Cotterill

"Chester" , has joined the Parliament! A worthy addition, "Chester" clearly has "attitude," as evidenced by his brash, overly confident stance. "Chester" sports a richly patterned wax patina, seamlessly transitioning from buff to burled, earthy tones on its wings and back. Sculpture size is: 4 X 3 X 4.5 in

"The Lady In Red" is in saturated red silver nitrate patina, with a stark silver underbelly, accentuating the decidedly sassy form. Caught up in her daydreams, Lady in Red basks in the sun on a lazy summer day. Perhaps, wishing this season will last forever. .Sculpture size is: 12 X 3.5 X 4.5

David Freeman, Bay Area Photography

David Freeman is a native of San Francisco, he attended U.C. Berkeley and then joined the Peace Corp in India. While in India he was drawn to play their classical instruments, sitar and tabla. David lived in India and Nepal for five years, he became fluent in the languages and Indian Classical music, attended Banaras Hindu University and went to spend a year on a concert tour of France, where he entertained audiences from Kathmandu to Paris. After this successful tour he returned to California.

David turned his focus to photography in 1977, when he received a birthday gift of a 35mm camera. The natural world became his creative canvas as his travels took him from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe and throughout the west with a new lens on life. David is a self taught professional photographer with an eye for beauty and the ability to capture its timeless quality on film, David has achieved growing recognition in the art of fine photography.

Since then he has been delighting people with his classic compositions and dramatically lit images. His exceptional award winning photographs have been included in many public and private collections around the world. David has also been featured in a number of national and regional publications, he also has shown his works in numerous galleries on the West Coast. He has a eclectic style and is continuously evolving, each image lingering in our memories long after viewing.

For the past 39 years David and his wife Sharon have developed their dreams into reality. Growing their galleries and businesses along with their three children in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada's they have treasured each experience and enjoy seeing their children now pursue their own creative visions. 

Come take a look at what we have in stock from David Freeman, his gorgeous shots of the bay area are inspiring and will fit into your home with ease.

Irene Hardy, Acrylic Pour in Motion

Irene Hardy moved to Brentwood from Southern California in 2016, Irene became immersed in the lively local art community.  As a dedicated member of the Art Guild of the Delta, her acrylic paintings and pour paintings have been showcased at the Delta Art Gallery in Brentwood and the Brentwood Community Center.   She participated in the 2017 Brentwood City “BannerUp” event, where her landscape banner was displayed outdoors in downtown Brentwood for several months and subsequently auctioned for charity.

Her interest in contemporary art inspired her to engage in acrylic pour painting.  Her work soon gained enthusiastic support from fellow artists, friends, and family.  These paintings incorporate vibrant colors, graceful movements, layers, and cell-like structures that express depth, sophistication and abstraction.   Each unique piece originates from thoughtful color combinations, experimentation, adept paint flow techniques, and natural unrestrained randomness.  Epoxy resin coatings applied to each finished piece enhance their clarity and brightness.

Irene also creates a line of jewelry items that feature miniaturized pour paintings; no two are alike, each piece is set in plated sterling silver and comes with its own chain or silk cord, Irene also creates cuff bracelets using the same pour painting technique. 

Joseph Garcia, Songbird Wall Sculptures

Studio Seven Arts newest artist is Joseph A. Garcia, his passion for science and education come together in these hand created resin sculptures. Joseph has a background in museum curating and teaching, this combination is unique, he has a desire to share nature and science with everyone. This latest work is a series of songbirds, bringing the outdoors , indoors, bringing the inspiration of nature inside. Come see these amazing hand painted pieces and bring  a piece of nature into your home.

Jeff Hemming, Yosemite

Two new original oils have arrived from PLeasanton artist Jeff hemming. "Valley View" size 42x48 and "Yosemite Falls" size 42x50, thes two pieces are stunning and must be seen in person to really appreciate the amount of detail in these paintings.

Sonoma Art Works, By Cheryl Serkis

Sonoma Art Works is created by Cheryl Serkis, her designs are hand made in her Sonoma Valley studio amidst the vineyards of northern California's wine country. Cheryl Serkis begins with her sketch pad and these sketches are transformed into precious metals.

The majority of her original designs are cast in silver and 14k gold vermeil. Each piece captures the feeling of elegance and femininity in a very understated way. The use of semiprecious gemstones and pearls enhance their subtle and natural beauty. 


Michael Nisperos, Figurative Expressionist

Michael Nisperos is an abstract and figurative expressionist. His works offer a fresh vision into the meaning of the human experience, capturing through his energetic imagery these elusive figures in motion. Michael has always been fascinated and influenced by primitive artifacts and every brush stroke captures these with passion and desire. There is a diversity with  his subjects and these images come to life in his paintings.  Michael uses a hatching technique with his palette knife that uncovers the layers of paint and reveals the life within each piece. We are the witnesses that see this process, we take part in Michael's discoveries as we look at each piece. Michael believes that through his painting awaits the answer to his creative balance of expressionism.