New Photography by Dirk Yuricich

Dirk Yuricich and his wife Lisa live, work and play in the South end of Lake Tahoe. When Dirk hits the shutter, it's because he was moved to express an emotion that a particular scene brought to him. Not just documenting the scene but interpreting the moment. Perhaps creating an art piece.

Over the years Dirk and Lisa have been able to travel quite a bit.  They have been able to experience other cultures, see different amazing landscapes and living environments, meet gracious and interesting people and of course eat and drink delicious foods and beverages, they both love to travel, so Dirk’s portfolio includes photographs from many countries, ask us here at Studio Seven Arts about other photographs from their many travels, there might just be a perfect photograph of a place you have visited that would commemorate that experience and bring the joy of that adventure into your home.

Rather than using a paintbrush or a chisel, his tool is a camera.Dirk does it all from taking the photograph to stretching the piece on wooden frames. To ensure the quality of his photographs, Dirk personally does the printing of his images. He prints on both photographic paper and art canvas using archival inks. Dirk coats the canvas photographs with a UV protectant and water resistant layer, then stretches the photographic canvas image around a frame of traditional wood stretcher bars.

New Claro Walnut Clock by Gary Johnson

We have a new clock from Coarsegold California wood artisan Gary Johnson. This open frame grandfather clock stands 7’ 7” x 18” wide and 15” deep. This piece is handmade from Claro Walnut, Paradox Walnut, Bubinga and Yellow Heart. This clock is number 58 and is pendulum and weight driven, it also has lights in the front to showcase all the hand-cut gears as well as the gorgeous Paradox Walnut face and Bubinga trimmed with Yellow Heart hands. This piece is stunning and it takes Gary 600 hours or more to create a piece like this. Every piece of this clock is handmade and it is finished to perfection. Come see this piece in person and marvel at the way it works , its beauty and the fine workmanship that created this stunning piece of art.

New Paintings by Thomas Cory

Thomas Cory get’s his inspiration from taking long walks, just sitting in his backyard and going out to be in nature, here he finds many of his subjects and the environment gives him a variety to sketch, from these sketches come the paintings that we have at Studio Seven Arts. Thom uses acrylic to create landscapes that we recognize and some that are places that we dream about. Thom has been focusing on close ups of birds, like they we’re sitting for a portrait, close up where their faces have a sweet or quizzical expression, each one is an original and if you love birds you will love these. Thom has also been creating works with birds where they are hanging out in their natural habitat, trees, looking out into the world and seeing it from a birds eye view. These pieces are easy to collect and would look amazing in your home.

New Paper Mache' Birds by Nancy Overton

Nancy Overton was born and grew up in Dayton, Ohio.  She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Ohio University and her Masters from Lesley College.  Nancy also has done additional post -graduate work at University of Northern Colorado and Red Rocks Community College.  She also had very beneficial workshops with Kathleen Cook, Bob Rohm, Margaret Dyer and Dinah Worman.

Nancy has always enjoyed making marks on paper and just about everything else for as long as she can remember.  Her formal career began with Saturday morning classes at the Dayton Art Institute.  This began her journey to becoming a professional artist and a 32 year veteran art teacher, working in the public education system.  For awhile her personal art work was pushed aside while her focus was on teaching art and being a wife and mother.  Nancy is now retired and she has time to stop "dabbling" and to concentrate on her art. 

One of Nancy’s main subjects is creating paper mache’ birds over a wire form, they come in different sizes and with painted and patterned paper’s, each one is unique and one a kind.

Nancy has made art her journey and that path has always been interesting, her pieces are a way to document a point or place in time, the details of nature, architecture and the living form is something she draws her inspiration from. Nancy hopes you enjoy traveling with her through her art pieces and have as much fun looking at them as she did creating them.

New Pottery By Piper Christine

Piper has been making ceramic work as Thermotrope Pottery since 2012.   This term, describing a (typically botanical) responsiveness to temperature, applies not only to the ceramic process but to her background as an artist: originating in Vermont, Piper moved to the sunnier Bay Area to earn a BFA from California College of the Arts.

Here is how Piper describes what she does: Thermotrope Pottery is about precision and refuse.  The base idea is that unfired, unpolluted clay can be reprocessed indefinitely.  I begin my work with material recycled from the scraps of many clay bodies; I will also salvage discarded ‘new’ clays.  From this reclaimed medium, my wheel-thrown forms have clean geometrical curves.

I approach glazing with the conservationist consideration.  What makes Thermotrope Pottery are the found glazes, refined and manipulated to produce concentrated colours and extreme textures.  There is a fastidiousness, as well as a nonsense.

Josh Latkin, New Ceramic Artist

Josh Latkin has been a Mendocino Coast resident since 1978, living in Albion for more than 30 years. Between 1973 and 1980 he began working with clay, learning and experimenting with various techniques.
Beginning in 2011, when Josh had an opportunity to return to ceramics, he started to develop new methods and techniques to accomplish the construction of the large ceramic vessels he builds.
At this time all of the pottery is high fired stoneware, with all phases of the work being done at his studio . Come see these new pieces in person they have a presence about them and they want to be touched.

New By Will Bullas "Squirrels Night Out"

Will Bullas was raised in the Southwest and art educated at Arizona State University and the Brooks Institutes in Santa Barbara where he studied with master painter Ray Strong.

Will is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society, and was elected to membership with the Knickerbocker Artists of New York in 1986. Will has exhibited twice with the National Academy of Design in New York. In 2007 he received Mario Cooper and Dale Myers Medal from the American Watercolor Society for his contributions to watercolor.

 Will resides and creates with his wife Claudia, in Carmel Valley, California, just across the meadow from his son, who is also an artist, daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

Come see all the other pieces by Will Bullas here at Studio Seven Arts, they will make you laugh!


New Original Oils by Susan Hoehn

Susan Hoehn is inspired by our California vineyards and our ever changing landscapes, she is known for her vineyard landscapes, but when Susan started exhibiting at the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach, she decided to explore other subject matters as well as her landscape paintings. " I enjoy painting things that I love, and going to museums is one of my favorite things to do”. Her depiction of museum goers is a juxtaposition between our current culture and the historical masterpieces on view. Travel is also one of her passions that has inspired many of her paintings.

Come see these new original artworks and mark your calendar for Saturday June 8th, Susan will be here to meet and talk with our art collectors about her work, her techniques and what keeps her inspired to paint. Susan will be here from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, so come join us and make it a day filled with art

New Ceramic Art by Michelle Mackenzie

Through sculpture Michelle has found her souls’ voice, and her message is conveyed through each artwork.  Michelle strives to create the sense of ancient textures and places of beauty, which strikes an emotional chord of recognition in the heart of the viewer. 

The animals she sculpt’s are chosen for their beauty, symbolism, and power to inspire. Color and texture along with strong or dramatic composition makes her style distinct. These ceramic pieces add a touch of texture and color in your space. Come see the new raven and hummingbird wall pieces today.