New Artist Dale Momii

Dale Momii, born in San Francisco of mixed Japanese and Hispanic ancestry, developed an interest in art at an early age. Dale's formal training as a fine artist has been mainly through private lessons and workshops from a variety of artist instructors. Perhaps because of the diverse style of his instructors, Dale has always been comfortable painting in various mediums, mainly oils, alkyds, and acrylics, on canvas and masonite. He enjoys experimenting with different techniques and is always trying something new, often with startling results. Dale has taught private painting classes and workshops for more than 30 years, to both adults and children.

Dale received an Associate of Art Degree in Technical Illustration from the College of San Mateo and has worked as a commercial artist in the aerospace industry for more than 33 years. Dale paints all subject matter, and has done many commission pieces from pencil renderings, pen/ink, alkyds, acrylics, and oils. A special subject for Dale is koi, as well as wildlife, still lifes, and portraiture. In his paintings, he strives for realism. Dale’s current interests are leaning toward still lifes, wildlife and portraits.

New Acrylic Pour Paintings By Irene Hardy

Irene’s paintings incorporate vibrant colors, graceful movements, layers, and cell-like structures that express depth, sophistication and abstraction. Each unique piece originates from thoughtful color combinations, experimentation, adept paint flow techniques, and natural unrestrained randomness.

New, Ceramic Animal Faces by Julie Clements

Julie Clements is a ceramic artist working out of her home studio in northern California. She began exploring clay art and sculpture during her undergraduate study at Emory University. Post-graduation she continued learning and developing during a year-long internship at Callanwolde Fine Art Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Current themes in her work include explorations into animals, ecology, and science. Julie also works as a veterinary technician in zoo’s and small animal medicine for several years. Being a vet tech continually renew’s her interest in the animal world. Julie hopes to convey this in her art along with her intense interest in animals in all their unique forms. She finds nature endlessly inspiring and maybe through her ceramic pieces you will too.

New By John-Mark Gleadow

Beginning with still lives, John-Mark’s paintings soon came to have portraiture as their backbone. With his mastery of the medium his trademark use of vibrant colors has come to the fore – an element of his work made the more fascinating due to his having to cope with his own colorblindness. His most recent series has fused the centuries old theme of painting book spines with his love of doing figurative work and has allowed him to broaden the thematic horizons of his paintings. “The wonderful thing about working in this vain is how limitless the subject matter can be and how it makes for a logical way of juxtaposing entirely different topics, producing a work of art that’s beautiful as a whole, not just aesthetically, but thematically as well.”

New Wearable Art By Zina Kao

Zina Kao believes that all materials she uses to create her jewelry have a story to tell and each tale is brought to life through a simplicity of a design and she uses a abundance of care in the sourcing of the materials she uses. Zina’s Bay Area studio is a creative place where makers and creators thrive in harmony with nature.. It is a place that feels like home.

New Walnut Creek Artist Kerima Swain

Award-winning artist Kerima Swain draws inspiration from beauty around her and from within her heart and soul.  She creates in her studio and as well as plein air painting outdoors, and furthers her skills by self-study and workshops. Exhibiting publicly since 2006, Kerima has continuously participated in juried exhibits and received numerous awards.  Kerima also has credentials as an art therapist and family therapist, Kerima continues to work part time with older adults. Kerima finds balancing her life as an artist and an art therapist very rewarding.


New Artist Steven McDonald, Original Oils Of The Bay Area

A native to the California Bay Area, Steven had the fortune to start painting professionally at the early age of 16. Inspired by his love of light and landscape, he has painted the San Francisco Bay Area and the California Central Coast, as well as spending time traveling in Europe. Everywhere, he has worked on capturing the clear colors and strong brushstrokes that distinguish his work.

Steven studies with the California Academy of Painters, and master painters Brigitte Curt and Jim Smyth. He also takes inspiration from the landscapes of the California Impressionists and the French Barbizon School, which have heavily inspired his work.

Visit us here at Studio Seven Arts and see these new original oils by Steven McDonald.

New Photography by Dirk Yuricich

Dirk Yuricich and his wife Lisa live, work and play in the South end of Lake Tahoe. When Dirk hits the shutter, it's because he was moved to express an emotion that a particular scene brought to him. Not just documenting the scene but interpreting the moment. Perhaps creating an art piece.

Over the years Dirk and Lisa have been able to travel quite a bit.  They have been able to experience other cultures, see different amazing landscapes and living environments, meet gracious and interesting people and of course eat and drink delicious foods and beverages, they both love to travel, so Dirk’s portfolio includes photographs from many countries, ask us here at Studio Seven Arts about other photographs from their many travels, there might just be a perfect photograph of a place you have visited that would commemorate that experience and bring the joy of that adventure into your home.

Rather than using a paintbrush or a chisel, his tool is a camera.Dirk does it all from taking the photograph to stretching the piece on wooden frames. To ensure the quality of his photographs, Dirk personally does the printing of his images. He prints on both photographic paper and art canvas using archival inks. Dirk coats the canvas photographs with a UV protectant and water resistant layer, then stretches the photographic canvas image around a frame of traditional wood stretcher bars.

New Claro Walnut Clock by Gary Johnson

We have a new clock from Coarsegold California wood artisan Gary Johnson. This open frame grandfather clock stands 7’ 7” x 18” wide and 15” deep. This piece is handmade from Claro Walnut, Paradox Walnut, Bubinga and Yellow Heart. This clock is number 58 and is pendulum and weight driven, it also has lights in the front to showcase all the hand-cut gears as well as the gorgeous Paradox Walnut face and Bubinga trimmed with Yellow Heart hands. This piece is stunning and it takes Gary 600 hours or more to create a piece like this. Every piece of this clock is handmade and it is finished to perfection. Come see this piece in person and marvel at the way it works , its beauty and the fine workmanship that created this stunning piece of art.

New Paintings by Thomas Cory

Thomas Cory get’s his inspiration from taking long walks, just sitting in his backyard and going out to be in nature, here he finds many of his subjects and the environment gives him a variety to sketch, from these sketches come the paintings that we have at Studio Seven Arts. Thom uses acrylic to create landscapes that we recognize and some that are places that we dream about. Thom has been focusing on close ups of birds, like they we’re sitting for a portrait, close up where their faces have a sweet or quizzical expression, each one is an original and if you love birds you will love these. Thom has also been creating works with birds where they are hanging out in their natural habitat, trees, looking out into the world and seeing it from a birds eye view. These pieces are easy to collect and would look amazing in your home.