New Floy Zittin Watercolors

Come see her newest pieces

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Thomas Cory, Landscapes

Thomas Cory has always been someone who loved being outdoors. As a young boy natural surroundings became his quiet and reflective spaces. Wandering through a forest or simply sitting in his backyard watching wildlife, the swaying of trees, patterns of light and shadow or color, or cloud gazing could fill hours of wonder and mystery for him. Drawing, painting or photographing those observations always delighted him and reminded him of what he had witnessed. Although, drawing or painting didn’t come easy,  he worked at it in order to satisfy his desired outcome.  Observing and recording impressions, ideas, and moments throughout the years is like breathing for Thomas now  and if he doesn't spend time outdoors or in his studio he feels incomplete and restless.  His process, approach, and technique have evolved, he shall remain a work in progress, growing and evolving as an artist.  He will continue to photograph and paint that which holds his interest and imagination, the awesome wonder and mystery of nature.

Join us Saturday February 17th,Thomas Cory will be here from 10: 00 am to 2:00 pm



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Tyler Abshier

New from Tyler Abshier, "Going Home" size 24x12

Going Home 24 x 12.JPG

Jeff Hemming, Bay Area Inspired

Start your new year with a new painting from Jeff Hemming who is our January featured artist. His original oils' capture California and our local area with every brush stroke. Each piece is layered with color and with that color he brings to life the textures of the bay area. Jeff grew up in Northern California and began his love of painting in high school, that love of painting took him to Oahu to attend college at Brigham Young University where he pursued an art degree. The tropical climate there was such a different environment than the colder beaches in Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay, living in Hawaii fueled his creativity and with that his paintings changed. Waves, surfers and tropical foliage, rendering scenes of the North Shore, Koolau Mountains and other sites. 

Jeff is always learning, not satisfied with only one style of painting. He attended Florida State University earning a masters Degree in Painting Jeff utilizes both traditional techniques for his work as well as more contemporary abstract approaches. Jeff currently works at UC  Santa Cruz and Cabrillo College teaching, painting and drawing. Jeff is a prolific painter and constantly inspired, so he has painted hundreds of pieces and we here at Studio Seven Arts have seen quite a few of his pieces. Come see the current collection from Jeff Hemming.


Springtime in Tenaya 56 x 36.jpg

Josef Kote and his bold brushwork

With the lightness of a true master's hand, Josef Kote combines classic academic and abstract elements, fusing these, literally letting them run into each other with dripping rivulets of riveting colors and light: by using his signature drip effect along the bottom.

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Josef Kote Symphony of Color & Light

The paintings of Josef Kote are symphonies of light and color. They are lyrically stunning and romantic, edgy and current. Kote achieves this delicate balance of seemingly contradictory qualities through his complete mastery of technique and through years of experimenting to find his own unique style.

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Susan Hoehn Vineyards

Susan Hoehn has the ability to grab that relaxing feeling and artistically express it through colors and canvas. The painting titled The Zero One's is probably my favorite. It's that view so many of us desire when leaving home for an extended weekend of rest.

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Frogman & Rocket II

Tim Cotterill is best known as the Frogman, a highly talented sculpture who designs unique bronze statues that are highly popular. But how does a man who is an "artist" and sculpts frogs then turn his attention to designing and riding high-powered motorcycles and trikes?

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