Jeff Hemming, Bay Area Inspired

Start your new year with a new painting from Jeff Hemming who is our January featured artist. His original oils' capture California and our local area with every brush stroke. Each piece is layered with color and with that color he brings to life the textures of the bay area. Jeff grew up in Northern California and began his love of painting in high school, that love of painting took him to Oahu to attend college at Brigham Young University where he pursued an art degree. The tropical climate there was such a different environment than the colder beaches in Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay, living in Hawaii fueled his creativity and with that his paintings changed. Waves, surfers and tropical foliage, rendering scenes of the North Shore, Koolau Mountains and other sites. 

Jeff is always learning, not satisfied with only one style of painting. He attended Florida State University earning a masters Degree in Painting Jeff utilizes both traditional techniques for his work as well as more contemporary abstract approaches. Jeff currently works at UC  Santa Cruz and Cabrillo College teaching, painting and drawing. Jeff is a prolific painter and constantly inspired, so he has painted hundreds of pieces and we here at Studio Seven Arts have seen quite a few of his pieces. Come see the current collection from Jeff Hemming.


Springtime in Tenaya 56 x 36.jpg