Will Bullas Humor Speaks to All

Will Bullas art is nor abstract or realism. It's just plain humorous and puts a smile on anyone's face who comes across it. And one doesn't have to be an animal lover or art enthusiast to enjoy it.

Finding a way to connect animals to off-the-cuff comments, or to twist the names just a bit — such as "John Lemon" — the humor comes across as ever-so-slight but impactful at the same time. A friend of mine, who cares very little of art, aside from it matching well with the decor in his house, really enjoys the creations of Will Bullas.

Wine King

Wine King

What can we gather from such an artist? First off, Will Bullas has a seemingly dry sense of humor. His quality of animal paintings is just incredible. His attention to detail when painting the "Wine King" with the lion's mane and facial expression reflects that of a top notch artist. But then Will Bullas' overall ability to redirect the painting to don the beast in a tuxedo (preserving its majesty) holding a glass of wine, is just as clever as can be.

Next, it's a refreshing take on art. At times, "fine art" comes off to many people as being smug and elitist. Will Bullas has a way of completely removing such perceptions. Even the most smug of art critics probably can't help but smile when looking at paintings such as "Bar Bill" and "Duck Tape" and appreciate what a fantastic combination of artistic quality and simple humor the artist is able to combine into a single message.

It doesn't take a deep study and knowledge of art to appreciate what Will Bullas creates. His paintings defy time, cultures, artistic perceptions, and are a welcome sight in a world that seems, at times, very cynical. Continue bringing those smiles to our faces, Will Bullas.