Susan Hoehn and Her Love of Landscapes

“Painting is a life long pursuit to gain more knowledge and paint as much as I can. I know my painting is successful when someone viewing it experiences the same pleasure from the scene as I did.”

Susan Hoehn has been painting the landscapes and wine vineyards of California for nearly her entire adult life. Painting such delicate scenes requires not only an eye for the colors, lighting, depth, and overall topography — but more importantly — a feel and vision for the emotion and beauty such landscapes can stir within one's heart.

While most Susan Hoehn's painting focus on the vineyards and landscapes of the Sonoma and Napa Valley areas of California, periodically Susan will throw in a different painting of, perhaps, a small town grocery, the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, or one of two men tending to the vines of a blooming vineyard.

Susan's primarily paints in oil with near lifelike realness in her work. It's truly an inspiration to view and appreciate. Click here to see more of Susan Hoehn's work.

Susan Hoehn's landscape painting reflect incredible contrast. Where one painting's contrast reflects the nearness of a romantic table-for-two and distance of a dramatic view that stretches miles, another paintings' contrast reflects the abrupt changes in color variations from the vineyard's blooming colors to the surrounding and stunningly tall eucalyptus trees.