Will Bullas Wine-Oceros

When I visit Studio Seven Arts, I almost always make a straight shot to see what new paintings Will Bullas has created. Recently, on one of my visits, I saw one of my new favorites, Wine-Oceros. That put a smile on my face and even a giggle in my step as I left the gallery a bit later.


Will Bullas has a humor that is unlike any other I've ever seen. Wine-Oceros is a take on a great beast with a catch — it's drinking wine and feeling the relaxing effects. The detailed painting of the Rino is appreciatively accurate, and Bullas did not caricature the beast, as he sometime does with other animals. The pinnacle piece of the art, though, is the relative small size of the wine glass in it's massive paw, hoof, or some combination of those two words. I also like the way the snout bunches up below the front horn from the weight of its head resting on the ground.

As a marketing person, I'd really the opportunity to speak with Will Bullas, and will try to do so for a future blog entry. The questions I have could last for hours. However, I will keep it brief to provide only the need-to-know facts of this great and humorous painter.

Stay tuned for a future blog with Will Bullas.