Susan Hoehn Vineyards

Susan Hoehn paintings reflect a calm and tranquil environment, especially reflected through her paintings of wine vineyards. As a traveler, my wife and I have always viewed visiting places such as the Napa or Sonoma Valleys as a quiet retreat. A time to just relax, read a book from the porch of a bed and breakfast, and spending the afternoons visiting local vineyards.


Susan Hoehn has the ability to grab that relaxing feeling and artistically express it through colors and canvas. The painting titled The Zero One's is probably my favorite. It's that view so many of us desire when leaving home for an extended weekend of rest. The glass of red wine, coupled with the symmetry of the vineyard brings organization back to a sometimes chaotic world. The two bottles of wine shows we still have choices, and such choices can be enjoyed in an environment where we're meant to unwind.

The color are rich, yet basic. From an artistic perspective, I'm not a big fan of bright colors. Susan Hoehn's colors reflect a realistic perspective of the setting. Her attention to the details of being in such a setting are well cared for. The slight wrinkles in the table cloth and appearance of a later afternoon setting reflect the final winery visit of the day, which most likely will be followed with a short nap prior to enjoying the local cuisine of chefs desiring to please pallets through their own unique creations.

Susan Hoehn, with her Vineyard paintings, is masterful in capturing that relaxing, extended weekend of breaking away from the business of life.