Cheryl Wolff, EXTRAORDINARY ceramics

Cheryl Wolff's pottery studio is in Walnut Creek California. All her pieces are hand made, each one is designed and made by Cheryl in her home studio. Cheryl's pottery is slab built, wheel thrown or cast from original molds. Most of her pieces are a combination of at least two of these processes. Once constructed , each piece is textured, altered or finished individually. The glazes are hand mixed in her studio and all pieces are high fired in an electric kiln.

Cheryl finds inspiration by creating pieces that people use and enjoy in every day life. Years ago a comment made in a workshop she attended influenced her , "Always look for the extraordinary in the ordinary." She believes that the ordinary things we surround ourselves with and the pieces we use each day should add beauty to our environment, creating happiness when we use them.  Whether she is making a bird house, a lantern or a garden sculpture, her goal is to contribute beauty, simplicity and a sense of harmony through her work.