New Claro Walnut Clock by Gary Johnson

We have a new clock from Coarsegold California wood artisan Gary Johnson. This open frame grandfather clock stands 7’ 7” x 18” wide and 15” deep. This piece is handmade from Claro Walnut, Paradox Walnut, Bubinga and Yellow Heart. This clock is number 58 and is pendulum and weight driven, it also has lights in the front to showcase all the hand-cut gears as well as the gorgeous Paradox Walnut face and Bubinga trimmed with Yellow Heart hands. This piece is stunning and it takes Gary 600 hours or more to create a piece like this. Every piece of this clock is handmade and it is finished to perfection. Come see this piece in person and marvel at the way it works , its beauty and the fine workmanship that created this stunning piece of art.