New Photography by Dirk Yuricich

Dirk Yuricich and his wife Lisa live, work and play in the South end of Lake Tahoe. When Dirk hits the shutter, it's because he was moved to express an emotion that a particular scene brought to him. Not just documenting the scene but interpreting the moment. Perhaps creating an art piece.

Over the years Dirk and Lisa have been able to travel quite a bit.  They have been able to experience other cultures, see different amazing landscapes and living environments, meet gracious and interesting people and of course eat and drink delicious foods and beverages, they both love to travel, so Dirk’s portfolio includes photographs from many countries, ask us here at Studio Seven Arts about other photographs from their many travels, there might just be a perfect photograph of a place you have visited that would commemorate that experience and bring the joy of that adventure into your home.

Rather than using a paintbrush or a chisel, his tool is a camera.Dirk does it all from taking the photograph to stretching the piece on wooden frames. To ensure the quality of his photographs, Dirk personally does the printing of his images. He prints on both photographic paper and art canvas using archival inks. Dirk coats the canvas photographs with a UV protectant and water resistant layer, then stretches the photographic canvas image around a frame of traditional wood stretcher bars.