frogman frogs, josef kote, will bullas, susan hoehn, & more

Studio Seven Arts - located in the heart of historic downtown Pleasanton


As the Bay Area's largest art gallery, Studio Seven Arts features California's top artists, as well as many of America's premier artists. From glassware, sculptures, handcrafted jewelry and fine art, Studio Seven Arts' showroom will capture your imagination with its stunning displays and art at every turn. Our friendly staff is well-versed with all our artists, and our custom art framing department offers a complete line of custom frames with styles to fit all tastes, personal preferences and budgets.

Fine art

Studio Seven Arts features top artists, such as Susan Hoehn, Tyler Abshier,Josef Kote, Charity Anderson, Will Bullas, and Debbie Wardrope. Vineyard scenery, animal humor, abstract masterpieces, and other fine art varieties adorn the walls of this unique gallery.

handcrafted jewelry

Sierra by Sonoma Art Works, Desert Heart, and POM are just a few of the handcrafted jewelry artists displaying their art in Studio Seven Arts. Leather and copper bracelets, unique jeweled earrings, and rings made from various unique metals.

glass & sculpture

Tim Cotterill Frogs, A Little Company, and many other unique glass and sculpture art can be seen throughout Studio Seven Arts' showroom. From simple accents to focal point art, we have the variety to fit nearly any taste.


Special Events

Studio Seven Arts engages directly with its artists to host private receptions, artist showings, and children events. Meet the artists and talk with them, enjoy historic Pleasanton's events, and dine in one of the area's unique restaurants.

custom framing

Studio Seven Arts design specialists are professionally trained to work with you in the care and creation of the perfect custom picture frame of your artwork. With a selection of over 3,000 frame style they guide you through the design process.


historic Downtown

To walk through Downtown Pleasanton is to take a walk back in time, past historic old buildings, many once connected by secret tunnels under Main Street. Each building has its own story to tell. A few may even have ghosts from the pasts.