Thomas Cory, Landscapes

Thomas Cory has always been someone who loved being outdoors. As a young boy natural surroundings became his quiet and reflective spaces. Wandering through a forest or simply sitting in his backyard watching wildlife, the swaying of trees, patterns of light and shadow or color, or cloud gazing could fill hours of wonder and mystery for him. Drawing, painting or photographing those observations always delighted him and reminded him of what he had witnessed. Although, drawing or painting didn’t come easy,  he worked at it in order to satisfy his desired outcome.  Observing and recording impressions, ideas, and moments throughout the years is like breathing for Thomas now  and if he doesn't spend time outdoors or in his studio he feels incomplete and restless.  His process, approach, and technique have evolved, he shall remain a work in progress, growing and evolving as an artist.  He will continue to photograph and paint that which holds his interest and imagination, the awesome wonder and mystery of nature.

Join us Saturday February 17th,Thomas Cory will be here from 10: 00 am to 2:00 pm



The Way  36x36.JPG