New Paper Mache' Birds by Nancy Overton

Nancy Overton was born and grew up in Dayton, Ohio.  She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Ohio University and her Masters from Lesley College.  Nancy also has done additional post -graduate work at University of Northern Colorado and Red Rocks Community College.  She also had very beneficial workshops with Kathleen Cook, Bob Rohm, Margaret Dyer and Dinah Worman.

Nancy has always enjoyed making marks on paper and just about everything else for as long as she can remember.  Her formal career began with Saturday morning classes at the Dayton Art Institute.  This began her journey to becoming a professional artist and a 32 year veteran art teacher, working in the public education system.  For awhile her personal art work was pushed aside while her focus was on teaching art and being a wife and mother.  Nancy is now retired and she has time to stop "dabbling" and to concentrate on her art. 

One of Nancy’s main subjects is creating paper mache’ birds over a wire form, they come in different sizes and with painted and patterned paper’s, each one is unique and one a kind.

Nancy has made art her journey and that path has always been interesting, her pieces are a way to document a point or place in time, the details of nature, architecture and the living form is something she draws her inspiration from. Nancy hopes you enjoy traveling with her through her art pieces and have as much fun looking at them as she did creating them.