Frogman Tim Cotterill

Tim Cotterill, better know as Frogman, was born in Leicester, England in 1950. At age fifteen, Tim dropped out of school to complete a six-year metal-directed apprenticeship. He was intrigued by metalworking he moved onto the sculpture of radical wheeled vehicles and later became interested in the design of birds and animals. In 1990, Tim moved to California and began to sell and exhibit his work all over the country.


Tim "Frogman" Cotterill was inspired to create his famous frog sculptures by the fun he had as a child playing with the creatures and naming them. They each have distinct personalities and character. Each frog is solid bronze with a patina and enamel overlay. Each frogman piece is signed by the artist, and lists the edition number and size. With over one hundred sculptures created since the 1990’s and new pieces created every year makes Frogman one of the top collected bronze artists in the country. 

Tim "Frogman" Cotterill's bronze frog sculptures capture the whimsical character, the jewel-like quality, and the pure JOY of these beautiful little creatures. "Through the centuries and throughout the world, FROGS have symbolized many things - Good Luck, Royalty, Fertility, Magic Potions, Energy, Charm, Indiscretion, etc., etc. In today's fast world, life sometimes becomes complicated and stressful. As you can see, my art is not. It's Elegant, Stylish, Whimsical, Unique, and is pure FUN! It makes people SMILE! When we smile and laugh it releases endomorphines all through our body and mind. The more we smile, laugh, and feel happy, the healthier we become.